Leading products to meet today’s challenges

Due to the seasonality, the climate change and the growing world population, the demand for reliable, novel and sustainable film solutions is increasing. The e7 technology makes it possible to control the raw material consumption and to design each individual layer optimally.

Agricultural films for maximum results

The key requirements in agriculture are better forage or grain conservation, keeping the high nutritional value over time and limiting the product waste. Therefore, films and silo bags with barrier properties are in our focus to keep our customers ahead of the game – for reasonable money.



Horticultural films for perfect growth

On the horticultural side, e7-based greenhouse films feature higher mechanical film properties and optimum light management, which are two key drivers for yield and quality performance. RKW helps its customers to market their crops or plants in a specific timespan and at the right quality.

Time, money and sustainability

are the driving forces in the agriculture industry. With e7 you will see more money in your purse thanks to applying products that perfectly support your business.


R&D Laboratory

By focusing on technological innovation combined with operational excellence, we leverage our polymer, chemical and recycling know-how, our state-of-the-art lab equipment and our partnership with worldwide agronomical institutions to offer to our customers the best film solutions.

Developing innovative and sustainable solutions

RKW is continuously investing in R&D to help its customers not only to anticipate market trends and meet future demands, but also to identify and create unique and specific solutions to respond to their customers’ requirements.



Focus on quality

RKW is continuously investing in R & D to support its customers. Our aim is to anticipate market trends and meet future customer demands, as well as to create unique, sustainable solutions.