e7 technology

Optimum price-performance ratio


New barrier and surface functions


Extended lifetime


New application functionalities

The e7

Time, money and sustainability are the drivers in modern farming and gardening. With e7 film solutions RKW supports you to meet these challenges. e7 stands for RKW’s excellence to the power of 7, which means 7 times more excellence according to our company slogan “When excellence matters”. Seven key areas of excellence are covered by e7:

  • Quality Consistent product performance
  • Efficiency Optimum price-performance ratio
  • Innovation Driver for new products
  • Versatility Wide fields of application
  • Sustainability Resource-saving formulas
  • Service Expert advice
  • Commitment Reliable partnership

Powerful 7-layer
line technology

At the heart of e7 is the latest 7-layer line generation in film production, making it possible to control the raw material consumption and to design each individual layer optimally. The e7 technology enables RKW to incorporate new smart functionalities into the films, such as new barrier and surface functionalities, extended lifetime, new application/system functionalities. The e7 line is capable of producing 8 - 18 m (26' – 59') wide films and bags up to 14'.

Next generation films
for agriculture & horticulture

Efficiency combined with sustainability

RKW is an innovative company focused on supporting the market with excellent film solutions. The e7 technology allows us to set new standards and to offer products designed for sustainability and efficiency. Our target is to develop products that are even more sustainable, that consume even less raw materials and that last even longer.